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General Questions

VRJAM is a live experience platform built on the blockchain designed with entirely new ways to value the human experience and magnify social connectedness.

The 5th Dimension is a virtual, live music destination space full of fantastical content, people, and places. This layer will extend into our core platform to bridge access between the breathtakingly lifelike ‘digital twin’ venues, based on real world locations, and our whimsical 5th Dimension spaces.

For VRJAM App Support – Post your question in our Discord server For Other Inquiries – Please email [email protected] or Creator Guild Project Lead Alex @ [email protected] for additional assistance

VRJAM Coin is the name of our native token and it's going to re-write the rules for how artists make money with music!

As an approved member of the Creator Guild, you can enjoy access to the VRJAM Virtual Live Event toolkit which allows you to schedule and host your own sets. Creators will be able to granted capacity to customize their event space and will also receive access to the control panel which will operate the visual fx during an event. During our open beta release, platform access will become available to all registered spectators and anybody will be able to explore virtual environments with friends, attend virtual live events, receive promotional benefits, and participate in our in-game play-to-earn token model.

YES! You might have noticed us playing a bit of "simon says" during a few of our live Twitch events where we've deployed chat-requested FX or lighting. All of our special effects are operated live and in real-time for the event stream.

Each one represents a valued Twitch audience member present on the stream! Every time a new viewer enters chat, they're instantly generated into a random-colored firefly and populated into our stage environment. This way, even if you’re not present in the VRJAM app, you're still a part of the virtual party!

Token / Crypto

Transactions on the VRJAM platform will all be made using VRJAM Coin. As retail trade increases on the platform through the sale of NFTs, tickets, merch and other products, the volume of trade in VRJAM Coin also increases, stabilizing its value. As more activity and trade takes place on the platform, so the value owned by each of the community members grows. Please visit our website's NFT page @ for more info on producing/sharing Virtual Life Event NFTs.

Please check out our website @ to register for our public token sale. Following the launch of the VRJAM virtual world platform, VRJAM Coin will be listed on MexC,, and Bitmart exchanges enabling anyone to buy and sell VRJAM’s native cryptocurrency.

Our public token sale will be launching soon! Please be sure to register your interest in our next sale by submitting your email to our whitelist @

Avatar, Location, and Experience NFTs will be the three major NFT types available to our members for minting.

The VRJAM core application will be supported by a browser-based web application which will allow users to customize their avatars, interact with one another, check out active virtual live events, show off their NFTs and more!

You will need a wallet in order to receive the profits of selling your NFTs with VRJAM. Please visit our website @ to learn more, or join our Telegram.

Admins OR VRJAM TEAM should not DM you first. We will NEVER ask you to send us funds, tokens, coins or any sensitive information about your crypto wallets. We will NEVER ask you to enter your seed phrase | mnemonic | private keys or CONNECT YOUR WALLETS anywhere online. REPORT & BLOCK anyone impersonating admins or VRJAM Team.


Visit our website @ to download the current installer.

The increase in accessibility for Apple’s M1 products is a promising beginning for our development team when coming up with a solution for supporting Mac users. It’s our hope to ultimately expand VRJAM support to everyone but please note: we are unable to offer Mac support at this current time.

Either! Artists are given the option to perform live as avatars or, when applicable, to arrange their own green screen set up.

Either! Profile artists are encouraged to discuss motion-capture availability with their assigned account manager, however if the artist would prefer stock movements this can be done as well.

Every event is streamed with live lighting, camera, and additional operations. Artists are given the option to either submit a pre-recorded set or perform in real-time. We've had plenty of both and events with a mix of the two! Each event is catered to the artists' preferences and scheduled performance availability.

YES. In order to reserve a date/time slot and activate your Virtual Live Events, you must be an active VRJAM Creator Guild member in good standing.

NO. Spectator “guests,” or visitors without accounts, be assigned a random avatar from our carousel. Those who are ready to commit to creating an account on the platform will enjoy a vast set of additional benefits, including avatar customization and a play-to-earn token model.

We will be officially launching our open beta in November! Please check our social media and downloads page to stay in the loop.

User experience is important to us, and a closed beta will ensure appropriate time for our development team to act on any updates which might be useful. After the first few months of successful virtual live event activations, and once we’re able to ensure our process is as smooth as possible, we’ll then scale up and open our beta to additional guild members/spectator accounts.

NO. HOWEVER, our team has constructed the VRJAM app with mobile in mind from the start and this is on our roadmap.

Social Media

Please visit our official Linktree for direct links to our various social media accounts.

We do have a dedicated marketing team but please direct message us on Twitter using your account and provide the details of your services or offers along with any follower count or fees to be considered.

YES! We've held multiple contests and giveaways now on various social media platforms both independently and in collaboration with our partners. We have given away headphones, VR headsets, paid virtual gigs, custom avatars, appearances at live conferences, and more! Be sure to check our announcements when we're running a giveaway; you never know when lady luck might grant you a visit and if we can't contact to coordinate prize handoff, then we have to select a new winner.

Private message/tag @VRJAM or other online VRJAM Staff for assistance

Creator Guild

The Creator Guild is our community hub of profile artists, labels, media brands, and other creators. In our web app, approved creators are able to engage with, promote, and view content while staying in the loop of major announcements. Creator Guild members will also have access to special promotions and offers!

If you would like to request to join the Creator Guild please submit your contact details along with a link to your content portfolio by visiting our website @ today! Due to high interest levels, please note that guild membership is operating at a limited capacity at this time.

Twitch / Event Streaming

We’ve gone off-air in order to restructure as we scale up; our team has been busy growing and our app has been too. We're not sure when we will be returning to Twitch, but we invite you to follow our channel on 5DXR - Twitch to receive a notification whenever we're live! Please visit our web app to view listings for current virtual live events happening on VRJAM and join us on PC or in VR today!

We believe the real beauty happens live, in the moment, so we do not offer a public library of our previously streamed virtual events. With that said veteran artists are supplied with event recordings whenever possible and those artists are free to publish these set recordings at their own discretion. We do occasionally share throwbacks to our social media so if you’re interested, check us out on your platform of choice by visiting our LinkTree for more.

We will sometimes share the audio from prior streams on our Soundcloud @ 5thdimensionxr so be sure to follow for more.